The Machinist – by Ed Myers

The industrial revolution would have never happened if it weren’t for The Machinist. Calipers, milling machines, drilling machines and indicators were only a few of the precision tools they used to create a brand new world of man merging with machines. These machines would eventually be effective enough to replace repetitive tasks by humans. The Machinist allowed us to invent, reinvent, duplicate and automate with precision. But today, as we perfect machining, we are are now on track to replacing humans altogether with augmented realities and artificial intelligence. And all the while, no one has questioned the impact.

For inquiries about the limited edition framed pieces you see above, you can call Ed Myers directly at 407-221-7732.

Ed’s “Pro et contra” collection represents technology weaving in and out of practicality as technology evolves. From Loading, where he questions how computers can slow the simplest task to a crawl, to The Operator where he suggests we are losing memory functions within our brains. Even the frames (which Ed designed) with the reversed corners, were part of his intent. By not smoothly transitioning into a corner, they support the back and forth questioning of technology and how it’s not necessarily evolving in a straight line that serves to our advantage.