Nikola Tesla ArtworkAlthough the mixed media original for this Nikola Tesla Artwork is sold, I am working on another. Please call 407-221-7732 for inquiries.

Tech it out: Nikola Tesla Artwork

Thomas Edison usually gets credit for many advances in electricity, but in reality there was a war of currents going on between Thomas Edison’s direct current (DC) and Nicola Tesla’s Alternating Current (AC).  Tesla not only played a huge role in the technology we still use today, but many of his visions we still have yet to develop.

The mixed media original consisted of digital painting, acrylics, 3d printed parts, clay and copper wires that I stretched into coils that resembled Tesla’s blueprints. Some have been reminded of MC Escher when seeing this piece, mainly because the split pieces floating in mid air. This was not my intention, as I simply wanted to show electricity traveling through his head. The end result was a 3 dimensional, one of a kind piece of mixed media art that was conceptualized 100% in the computer. I’ve always been a huge fan of Nikola Tesla, I hope people feel I gave him a solid:)

A little more about Nikola Tesla:

Tesla gained experience in telephony and electrical engineering before emigrating to the United States in 1884 to work for Thomas Edison in New York City. His patented AC induction motor and transformer were licensed by George Westinghouse, who also hired Tesla for a short time as a consultant. His work in the formative years of electric-power development was involved in a corporate alternating current/direct current “War of Currents” as well as various patent battles.

All Nikola Tesla Artwork giclee’s are signed and numbered in limited editions of 250 or less, on either matte litho or textured fine art papers. Each piece is built to order, printed, assembled and hand signed by the artist one at a time…no mass production!