For inquiries about the mixed media original for this Thomas Edison Artwork, please call 407-221-7732.

Tech it out: Thomas Edison Artwork

Thomas Edison Artwork

Mixed Media Original

We were conditioned to think of Thomas Edison when speaking of the light bulb. But in reality, the light bulb was invented 70 years before Edison’s claim to the electric lamp. Although he certainly offered many improvements to electrify the world, Edison really shined at understanding the key to business in America…acquiring patents.

For inquiries about the original, please call Ed Myers at 407-221-7732

This is more than just Thomas Edison Artwork. It’s about how we perceive things. The bookshelf surrounding Edison contains books and blueprints from all of the previous scientists and inventors who Edison either borrowed ideas from or patent acquisitions. The Tesla picture to the side is somewhat of a tongue and cheek from his old buddy turned enemy. He’s surrounded by his inspiration.

The books are all fiction. I designed each cover and title, custom assembled each one by hand. They are fictional titles, but definitely have a place in history. This is why I created this piece into a book shelf, it’s a bookshelf of forgotten history so to speak. As the books move closer to the center of the art where Edison is, they turn slightly more factual. Things that seem silly are actually true…such as “Patenting Newspapers and Candy”. Edison sold these items on the trains, which likely formed him at an early age into the master business man he ultimately became. 

All giclee’s are signed and numbers in limited editions of 250 or less, on either matte litho or textured fine art papers. Each piece is built to order, printed, assembled and hand signed by the artist one at a time…no mass production!