Mixed Media Original

The girl has dropped the telephone call and embraced a new device that can not only make phone calls, but can take photos, send messages and even find your way home if you get lost.  She is stepping off the cliff with her eyes shut, trusting where she is going but not fully understanding how this small telecommunication device will transform mankind.

For inquiries about the original, please call Ed Myers at 407-221-7732

There were other reasons why I wanted to create the App-aratus besides rapid changes in telecommunications. Social changes were a huge factor as well. You can see the cliff and clouds turning into square blocks which represents the progression into the digital age. The rain coming from inside the umbrella represents a new generation that socializes more online, treating a beautiful day as if it’s raining all the time. 

All giclee’s are signed and numbers in limited editions of 250 or less, on either matte litho or textured fine art papers. Each piece is built to order, printed, assembled and hand signed by the artist one at a time…no mass production!