The Gamer – by Ed Myers

The birth of video games started out with creative spark…a single pixel if you will.  But fast forward through the days of Pong and Atari…and you now have a multi-billion dollar industry that’s larger than Hollywood.  Gaming has become more than a hobby or short bursts of entertainment.  It has become a career choice for many artists and programmers alike.  It has become an acceptable lifestyle for gamer’s who make a living playing tournaments. But perhaps the most unrecognized reality about the sophisticated development for games, is the fact that gaming is now in forefront to cutting edge development of AI – artificial intelligence.

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From the Artist

The inspiration behind the”The Gamer” was not only about gaming in general, but our dependency on computers…and their dependency on us. As he sits on his throne of obsolete gaming artifacts, you start to see some surreal things going on here. Some machines are hard wired, and some are wireless. His eyes are closed, but his head is tied into the network. Controllers are floating in the air.  Some controlled by The Gamer, and some running autonomously. All these things represent the current development state of AI.

This was the first concept sketch for “The Gamer”. I’m working on a more detailed version, but I really liked the looseness of this sketch.