The Art of

Digital Fine Artist Ed Myers

Digital fine Artist Ed Myers represents the rapid changes mankind faces due to the creation of technology, from the Industrial Revolution to today’s Digital Age. We created these technologies to help us ease manufacturing, calculation, communication, and even for the purposes of entertainment. The feelings behind these changes due to technology range from resistance to love affairs to dependency. These emotions are part of our lives today, and aren’t going away any time soon Digital Fine Artist Ed Myers

Since 2010, Ed has traveled exhibiting his digital and mixed media art at some of the top shows in the nation. See his most current show schedule here.


Some people can remind you of many reasons to never give up.  Inspiration can be a magnificent source of energy.  The square at the top left represents a pixel and the circle at the bottom right, paint from a palette....
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The baby on the left represents the digital age artist by holding a Wacom Cintiq to create, while the traditional artist on the right holds a brush.  The digital artist is looking inward, while the traditional artist is looking away....
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