Artist Ed Myers iconic vision of changeAward winning digital fine Artist Ed Myers, focuses on creating artwork that tells a story about man merging with technology. The good, bad and the ugly. Although he has been a successful commercial artist since 1994 for companies such as Electronic Arts and Universal Studios, his fine art only started to develop in 2010. As he encountered resistance entering the world of fine art as a digital artist, this was exactly what sparked his inspiration…technological changes within humanity, so he continued to push outside of traditional boxes while embracing digital as a medium to tell his stories. His digital and mixed media art takes on a sculptural feeling that is now characterized as fresh and bold.

BestofShow_laQuintaMr Myers has received numerous awards for his work exhibited in some America’s top fine art shows, including 2016 Best of Show at the prestigious La Quinta art fest in California, rated the number one show in the nation.  You can watch his reaction to the news and full interview here.

He continues to push his disruptive style, ideas and stories about the pros and cons of the technological changes humanity is encountering.  His work can be found at the Tresor gallery in New Orleans, as well as festivals around the nation as he continues his traveling exhibitions.

A word from Digital Artist Ed Myers:

I’ve always been drawn to art, science and technology. I feel my generation came at a time as digital technology was just starting to develop. So when people ask me how I come up with my inspiration, I tell them it comes naturally. 

Think about the fact that we couldn’t fly about a hundred years ago. Now we are about to travel to Mars and send a probe to Proxima Centauri. Fifty years ago we couldn’t type a paper and distribute a thousand copies within a week. Now we can write a blog and send out blogs, Facebook, twitter and emails simultaneously that has the potential to impact millions within an hour. Forty years ago we couldn’t make a phone call unless you were at home, business or payphone. Now we have devices that can make calls, search google and use gps coordinates all at the same time. Think about doing a research paper only twenty five years ago. An Encyclopedia in your local library was your go to. And although it was a rewarding experience to do research in this fashion, it was very time consuming. Now we can Google anything we want to know within seconds.

But I feel we are still going through technological changes, and it’s expanding exponentially. That’s what really inspired me to create art about the past, present and future of mankind, the inevitable…change.

You can read more about Artist Ed Myers by visiting his artist bio, awards and interview with Sunshine Magazine.